September 23, 2010

i feel like im dreaming

my head feels oddly detached from my body, its a very weird feeling. i think i may need to sleep more.
mr crow was walking across the roof this morning, right above my bedroom. he seemed busy as he was hurrying about, i didnt mind too much, i was nice and awake. my cat however didnt appreciate it, i think she'd rather have mr crow for dinner unfortunately.
i think im going to edit lots of pictures today, i've recently gotten photoshop cs5 so i will play around with it, i dont really edit the photographs i take, at all usually. this has gotten me really in the mood to organise some photoshoots, damn everyone going to uni, im going to need to find new models. i have many ideas and things i want to recreate. maybe i'll just settle for going out and taking pictures of things in general.
i had cheese scones for breakfast, they were very yummy. however i dont feel my body can deal with more than 2 as i had 2 earlier and i still feel sick. eurgh.
im kind of looking forward to winter in a way, it'll be nice to wrap up in big jumpers, wear my furry coat which is AMAZING, i feel like a teddy bear, and get to use my large collection of hats and scarves again. i have yet to use my panda one so he will make his appearance within the next few months im sure. its also nice to have a change of scenery for taking photographs, i want to be mean and get models to do more outside shoots, there are a few in vogue i want to take ideas from.

im off to go scan facebook for models i can use.


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