March 04, 2014


Chanel's oversized pearls have hit like a storm, already being seen on the likes of fashion bloggers and celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. For me the choker was the winner, the huge headphone-like quality to the piece. Obviously there is no way I could stretch to the original piece, but a quick trawl through the internet and I have found a replacement.

This simple piece from Zara is enough like the Chanel piece for my heart to fall for it, yet unique enough to have a flair all of it's own. The gold and the not (too) ostentatious pearls make it a killer piece for summer.



Every season there is a bag, that takes the fashion week by storm and is seen on the arms and in the clutches of fashion royalty. The Chanel perfume bag has risen to that status. Already given the star of approval on the fashion circuit, its not hard to see why, and to not fall in love with it yourself. In the style of their classic No.5 bottle, made from clear perspex with their staple chain handle, it embodies Chanel on another level.



Sorry for the huge gap in posting guys, I took a little break, but now I'm back!

Dreaming of when spring will arrive, so fed up of this weather.