September 22, 2010

it started off with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

i like waking up in bed with someone, its nice cos i get cuddles. im really lucky cos i get to wake up next to someone amazing.

there's a spider that's set up his home outside my window, he is quite large and i dont really like the fact he's there. i would ask him to please relocate (you have to be polite) but that would involve opening my window i think he might take that as an invitation to move in with me. which i DEFINITELY dont want. that wouldn't be good at all.

i've really found out what trust is in the past few weeks and i've had to alter my feelings about it. it normally takes a long while for someone to gain my trust and its not gained easily, when its broken that's normally it, i dont want to be close to you, because i dont know if you'll hurt me. this week i've had two examples of it and for the first time, i've given someone a second chance because they are so worth it, and i dont regret it in the slightest. im not so sure about the other one though, i haven't even gotten a sorry :/ i guess if im not that important to them, i shouldnt worry about it. oh wells

i want to move house soon. im bored of my room. i want a new one to fill with clothes, shoes and pretty old things.


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