October 08, 2010


BIGGER im tired of reading small writing.
im so tired, im nearly falling asleep at my desk. i should probably go to bed. but do you ever get that thing, where you love talking to someone so much you stay awake purely to do that? its a nice feeling, even if i am tired.
im feeling a bit stressed at the moment, there's always one person who can make me feel better no matter what though. i love them for that, amoungst many other reasons. it makes a huge difference knowing there is someone there who'll support you in everything you do. i love being that close to someone.
my cat, lily, is flirting with everything at the moment. its cute but mildly irritating as she doesnt shut up. my bubble's shoes were serenaded all night by her (she's not very picky about what she flirts with) but in the morning she was still a single cat, i have no doubt she will try again. im putting all my shoes in the wardrobe before i go to bed, i need them and they cant be caught up in love when i want to go out, i also dont wanna a room full of shoe-cats.
i saw a hedgehog today,  he was very cute and sleepy, but he got scaed and curled up into a ball when i went over to his cage, he was all white and i wanted to give him a cuddle, although that probably wouldn't have been a very good idea. i found a very tiny smokey-looking bunny as well, i wanted to take him home with me, he was so sweet. the bubble found some tortises he liked the look of as well, so i think we will go back and smuggle some into our homes. maybe some baby mice as well, as they were adorable and very small, easy to hide, they could live in my pocket.
we got a sofa bed the other day and our cat coco (she has a head that looks kinda like a shovel) has already claimed it as her own, she spends all day there now, it would take a crowbar to move her methinks. or food, she's very greedy.
i'll have to go see lu's kittens again soon, i haven't in a while and they're so lovely when they're small, im worried they will have gotten all big by the time i go back.


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