January 15, 2011

everyone needs to get over it now

its over. move on.

so i've remembered to do this a second time, good start eh? i may be calling it way to early, but i think i may do this regularly. bet i've jinxed it now. a pair of shoes is featured below which i think are on my most wanted list and will be until i own them, they are stunning, the shape, design, everything is amazing! okay i need to calm down a bit, haha.
i went back to college today to collect all my photography work (getting extremely wet in the process as it decided to monsoon) only ot be told i have to make an appointment to pick it all up next week...pissed off. its a bit of a missions to get to the college from my house anyway so it would have been SO much easier if they just freaking gave it to me then. it turned out to be a pretty good day though as i got to see a lot of old friends which was nice. i didnt even mind getting up at 6!  (i woke up for some obscure reason) i will sleep well tonight

image one: balmain jewel-embellished velvet dress
image two: yves saint-laurent 'palais' mowhawk pumps
image three:dolce and gabbana spring/summer 2011 advertising campaign for womanswear.
image four: anna verizelos/ sara joel - photographed by lois greenfield

i love the last image, i always wish i'd learnt ballet when i was younger, its so graceful. each performance is a work of art.


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