August 01, 2011

latest buys

its impossible to go to a vintage fair and come away without spending any money, and having a few extra things to accompany you home. there was so much to see today, and so much i wanted to buy, but i was strict with myself and only go two pieces. the first was a lovely, hand-knitted jumper which i know im going to wear to death, its so warm and soft.

the second thing i came home with was from a little stall that was quite bare compared to its companions. it was well set out and the girl behind it had a welcoming smile on her face, at first i was going to avoid going into that particular marquee as it didnt look very appealing. im so glad i did though.
the stall in question was selling the A/W collection of michelle lowe-holder, an up and coming designer who makes gorgeous jewllery and hair pieces. they were very unique and different from all the other items being sold in the fair itself. i have fallen in love with this designer and want to own almost her whole collection, so hard to just choose one thing to bring home.


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