September 13, 2011

its getting chilly now

i've been quite busy since the last time i posted, im not usung this as an excuse, i fully realise my failure at regular blogging. i'll bring you up to speed in the world of jess haha.
i have a job!! finally i know haha, its in next in hastings, and im really enjoying it so far, it's going to be nice to earn my own money now (to buy lots of course haha)
another huge piece of news is that my bubble has joined the crowd and headed off to uni. im really happy for him, he's doing a course in illustration and i KNOW he's going to ace it, he has so much talent (he has as facebook page if you'd like to check it out, he's called milkbaby). the uni he's at is plymouth, so he's pretty far away which is quite sucky. im not going to lie, i miss him terribly, but we're going to visit eachother, send letters etc so its not too bad, he'll be back before i know it. he brought me presents before he left which i love.

gorgeous silver ring

loveoverdose by diesel. smells AMAZING

yanni also left me a few things of his which i really appreciated, i know have his d.s, a graphic novel and some of his clothing, they smell like him, haha.
earlier on today i got a suprise when i opened the front door, yanni had had roses delivered to me, even though he's in plymouth, it meant so much. im seriously so lucky haha


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