October 05, 2011

andy warhol

im not a huge fan of andy warhol, i've just never connected to his work. i dont deny that he was amazing (is he dead yet? no idea) but his work just isnt 'me' shall we say. however - you knew that was coming dont lie - recently the de la warr pavillion in bexhill has gotten the chance to have an exhibition of his work, some of the pieces have never left the tate modern before. i felt this was somewhat special and felt that i should go see it, and i was pleasantly surprised.
i loved it.
it was amazing, truely inspirational. i felt they achieved this through not going for his most famous works, and using the lesser well known pieces, which i really enjoyed. they also laid the exhibition itself,  out in a very unique way, which i liked, they didnt just 'put them on the wall' they thought about it.
i didnt get to take any pictures in the downstairs gallery, but i was sneaky and took some upstairs. i would really reccomend going to see this, it runs until around christmas.

excuse the bad quality, i took them on my iphone. i wish i'd taken more


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