November 08, 2011

recent purchases and gifts

i'd been looking for a pair of perfect winter boots for a while, before someone pointed these out to me. love at first sight. there faux shearling lined and have a suedette on the outside, the buckles add that gorgeous biker look so they're on trend.

label. m
i adore these hair products, they make my hair so healthy and thick. im a chronic dyer, and these replenish my hair amazingly- even a once a week use shows a difference. not only that but all of them smell AMAZING, my favourite has to be the honey and oat range.

i love lip stains, they're so damn handy! this gives a gorgeous colour, whilst not being over the top and it stays on for ages and smells great. another lip stain i use is by maxfactor, the lipfinity range. its also very good, athough darker than this one.

  simple design, but the colour was a winner for me, such a gorgeous deep red.

kurt geiger
again a really simple piece, but beautiful. the detailing is amazing, small stones are set throughout the band, and the larger metal piece at the front has studs in it. i love how different it is. i also adore the packaging, how cute is that?

i saw this whilst scouring the internet and fell in love. i love the huge pendant, the thick chain, the mineral/ rock quality to the centre of it. a large statement piece that can make an outfit. im also a lover of all things purple so this was definitely sold.

 cheap and amazing. need i say more? also remarkably well made, and i can fit a heck of a lot of things in it.

topshop - moto
 coated, high waisted hotpants. i have some leather  ones which kind of look the same, although these are A LOT more moveable in.

velvet leggings, comfy and gorgeously soft. slight problem with the length, however i feel i could stretch them to fit well enough. im in love with velvet at the moment and will be adding more of it to my wardrobe. a twist on the basic wardrobe staple.

i LOVE this top, the contrasting back and front (the back is made of a light, black, cotton), the design, sleeve detailing and the overall fit. the fact that the back is lower than the front was also a winning factor for me. i love the quirkiness of the design, its not similar to anything else i've seen in the shops at the moment (although hastings isnt much to go by, so i could be wrong). i seem to be going through a black phase at the moment if you haven't realised.

large, comfy, oversized knit. winter staple, with on-trend stripes and a loose neck. so so so warm.


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