January 24, 2013

Wanda Nylon

Typhoon pre Fall 2013

Cyclone Spring/Summer 2013

Johanna Senyk and Peter Hornstein's joint label Wanda Nylon has noticed a niche and effectively filled it. In many collections there have been transparent raincoats present, but no one has yet specialised in these alone, till now that is.
There is an almost sterile appearance to the collections, with an obvious hint at fetish. The use of colours, textures and patterns however, counteracts this, as well as the aviator style coats. Another added benefit to Wanda Nylon is their aim to be ecological and sustainable in their sourcing of materials, their fabrics are sourced form Europe and almost all of them are recyclable. Eschewing the normal go to of PVC and PU.
The lines and structure of the garments are very clean, I can say Im hugely excited by this brand and am looking forward to rainy weather (something I'd never thought I'd say). This brand is well made for the U.K haha.


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