October 10, 2013

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River Island

Kill City 
Black Milk

New Look


Brave Soul

New Look


I love the season of Halloween, hence the pumpkin socks and 'Trick or Treat' top from ASOS. I have a few more creepy treats on the way which I'm very excited about :) The Black Milk dress is my dream piece and I'm beyond happy I managed to buy it. Black Milk is an amazing brand and you should  check it out, you won't regret it I promise. I've wanted the Kill City jeans for a while (about a year or so) and I finally decided to order them, and I'm glad I did, the zip detail is nice and different, and the fit of the jeans is perfect. I normally ever only buy jeans from Topshop, so I was delighted these fitted so well. Everyone needs a hand knitted item in their life, and this is one of mine, the hat from River Island is gorgeously soft and I love that it's handmade. At £13 it's not expensive and a winter staple.


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