October 28, 2013

Recent Haul

Black Milk 'Men of Dunharrow' dress 

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Black Milk Slasher back GTF




Drop Dead


Even more Black Milk to add to my collection, I seriously can not recommend this brand enough, the quality of the items is second to none. The shoes are something I'm really happy with, the black wedges were a steal at £26 and are very comfortable to walk it, the thigh high boots are my pride and joy. I've been looking for some thigh boots for a long time now, and these are the best I've found at a reasonable price. I wanted something tight on the leg (I don't like the baggy look) and the fact they had a chunky heel was a definite bonus. Can't wait to wear these pretties out. There was a sale on the Drop Dead website the other day so I picked up these items. The shirt is lovely and is something I wouldn't have immediately bought, but second and third looks convinced me to take a chance, and I'm glad I did. There is also a special offer on in Acessorize at the moment, 3 for 2 on all jewellery, so I chose these items. They have a nice grungey feel to them which I love.


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