September 20, 2010

inspire me..

home alone today, i dont really like it. i hate being on my own, at least the animals are keeping me company. curled up in bed with a cat listening to the birds outside isnt too bad i suppose.

lots of things running through my head at the moment though. some are wanted and others aren't, they seem to be settling down for a long stay though. i guess i'll have to learn to deal with them. i get the feeling my head's getting a bit full now though. i'll have to just let some things and some people go, they're not being very good for me.

on another's kittens are adorable. they are quite possibly the cutest things i've ever seen, they're so small. their paws are the size of my fingertip and their little noses are so sweet. i didnt even mind them crawling up my legs. i shall go visit them again tonight if i can, watching them play is nice.

my book is calling me back, so i shall leave it there.


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