September 25, 2010

sunny day :)

the weather today made me happy, the sun came out to say hello and it didnt rain once.
i spent the day with my daddy mooching about and watching a machine eat all our coins and gives us notes in return. very handy, that machine gets a gold star. it was very noisy though.
i dont have to sleep alone tonight, i like getting cuddles, with just me and my dad in the house i get lonely sometimes. he has to go play music to people first though.
there is a bunny rabbit in a store in bexhill that has been there for months, they put him off display for a while then put him back on again. no one seems to want him which is silly because he's very pretty and clearly wants to make friends. i promised him i'd come back and save him as soon as i could. i need some money i think.
im missing people quite a lot at the moment, they have all decided to go to this place called, university. im not that keen on it, im not sure if i will go at some point or not. i may have to do a tour of universities to see people soon, i need some chats and cuddles.
im very excited as me and my mummy are working at getting me back to horse riding, i just need to buy some new kit. i love it, its so calming and its just me and the horse and we have very nice chats about how our day has been. i love jumping as well, its far too much fun, i could do it all day, everyday if i was allowed.
my room is getting unbearably messy now, i fear i may lose my cats in it soon. i will have to clean it up at some point, there's just not enough room in my wardrobes. i tihnk i need a room for my shoes and clothes. that would make it easier.


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