October 24, 2010

hats hats hats

i got another hat today, i think i may have an addiction. it is hugely awesome though, its big, furry and warm, it makes my head happy. he lives in the draw with my other hats and they have parties with the scarves and gloves when they think im asleep.
i woke up at 7 this morning, it should be illegal to wake up at that time, i dont know why i did as well, i'd only had 4 hours sleep. this is beginning to become a habit, i dont like it. its always horrible waking up when its still dark outside, although there is a good side i suppose, you get to hear all the birdies waking up. they sound lovely. i spent the morning drawing as well, so i guess my time wasnt wasted, i haven't drawn in a while, i didnt realise i missed it.
i've been having huge trouble sleeping recently, i keep gettting really bad dreams, they are not welcome and make me feel pooey when i wake up. i think my dreamcatchers need a stern talking to as they are not doing their job. its been nearly 5 days of the the worst nights sleep ever, i wonder how much longer i'll be able to function for? i think im on the verge of falling asleep in odd places or the public, the latter may not happen. that would be ridiculous.
i found ANOTHER bunny today that needs to come home with me, he was skipping about and jumped up in his cage to say good afternoon, which was very nice of him. i think im going to need a room especially for bunnys, the list of ones that im bringing home is growing.
im looking after the cutest baby on friday, i cant wait. she's so lovely and will cheer me up im sure.

i didnt think it would be this hard

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