October 28, 2010

when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while...

today has been a very good day.
yesterday i saw my sammi and elly and had lovely times in town with them, trying on lots of clothes and bunny ears. i will have to go back to purchase some ears as its nearly halloween and they are vital to my outfit. it did rain a lot which sucked but i was in good company and i had my new hat, so all was well. i owe my elly a lot as she revived me yesterday morning with a brownie in bed, brought me a hot chocolate and a drink in wetherspoons when we were sheltering.
i got to see tasha as well, i have't seen her in so long and it was awesome hanging out with her for a few hours, in her pixie boots. went to a gig and fed a crocodile named shaun lots of tissue, he said thankyou cos he was very hungry, saw an awesome band and then went to my mummy's with my bubble. best bit was probably eating pom bears, they are the best food in the world.
i didnt sleep alone last night, i love being held as i fall asleep. everything has been sorted out and im very happy, i was worried for a while. waking up to kisses on my nose is lovely, maybe the best way to wake up i think.
i had pasta bake with peas in for breakfast today, it was nearly 2 when we did eat it though. i love peas, they may be my favourite food, so nommy. i watched a bit of a star wars film as well, but it was bearable - just - because bubble kept pointing out all the bloopers they kept in the film, which made me giggle a lot.
im going to see my mummy again tomorrow as well, i will have sleeps at her house then spend the day babysitting, with company i hopes.

last night i had the best nights sleep in about a week, think it was due to a certain someone


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