October 11, 2010

i have brownies

cos my awesome bubble brought them for me, i love him.
its getting too chilly out to (comfortably) look at the stars for a while now. i love looking at the stars, i think i will just have to start wearing thicker jumpers.
times have been a bit tough recently and its hard to keep believing it'll get better, i have amazing people around me though so it helps. its just time for me to take the step or to go down another path, im not 100% sure of what i want to be honest.
i love how, when i've been away for one night, when i return the animals treat me like they haven't seen me in weeks, it makes me feel nice. i guess my dog does that if you even go out for like 10 minutes, but its nice coming from the cats, who are usually VERY antisocial. seeing them run up to say hi and purring is a bit freaky.
i walked home from battle today and all the leaves have started falling so the ground was all crunchy. i dont really like being cold, but winter is awfully nice sometimes, i may go to the woods purely to kick up some leaves for a while, i miss doing that when i was a kid.

im missing someone already, i hope they feel better.


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