October 12, 2010

pretty dreams...

i want a room full of roses,  feathers, old things, books and pretty shoes and clothes, im getting there. i want a fresh start though so i cant wait till we move out, i want a new canvas to work with.
i think my body will only be able to survive on brownies soon if i dont eat something else, i know what you're thinking, 'well there's the diet gone', however that is a working progress, i do have a fridge full of little pots of pineapple. i love pineapple its yummy.
i WANT to go to the shoe gallery at selfridges, not only is it one of my favourite stores but shoes are one of my biggest weaknesses, i will have to talk someone into going up to london with me. it'll be a chance to take some nice photos up there as well, as i haven't done that in a while.


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