October 14, 2010

which one to take...

my future's split into lots of different paths at the moment and im not sure which one to take. they're all pretty tough looking and will be hard work, i just dont know which route out of all of them will be easier. decisions, decisions. i guess if i dont like the one i choose i can always bunny hop over to another. i must admit though, the future scares me a bit, i'll try not to think about it for now.
i REALLY need to start going out and taking photos, i shall organise models of my choosing soon and make them get all cold standing outside. at least it'll build my portfolio up. i miss doing photoshoots as well, i have the perfect backdrop to do some, yay.
im looking forward ot hastings bonfire this weekend, i haven't been out in such a long time and i miss seeing people i love. plus there will be fireworks, i will be able to hold my bubble's hand as the sky fills with multicoloured stars. i will hold my elly and my lily's hands too cos i miss them.
i think im going to do some sewing tomorrow. im in a very creative mood, if i wasn't so tired i'd probably do it now, i may draw or write instead, i think i will also try and see my bubble and my sister again.
i found some feathers in my room that have made a nice addition to the bird cage on my windowsill. my cat lily, however, has decided they are edible, i need to convince her this is not so. thankgod the candelabra is out of her reach, although she would hurt her teeth if she tried to nibble that. apart from convincing my other cat not to eat the flowers in my room, my belongings are safe.


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