October 20, 2010


finding jobs is hard work, the internet is very big and not very specific either, this irritates me hugely. its annoying to find a job you'd love which would be amazing, to find out its actually not in east sussex, or in the UK for that matter. no, it has to be in california, i want to live there some day, but now is not the time. im going to meet up with two of my lovelies next week on tuesday so i will hand out some CVs then.
im very excited to see my lovely elly and sammi again, i haven't seen them in a while and i miss them dearly. i will take my camera and take pictures of our fun, i like making memories to look back on. although with all the photographs i've taken i'd need a room full of photo albums to keep them all in.
i love helping other people, to please them, but sometimes you need to take a step back and do things for yourself. do what you want. you cant please everyone, its impossible. sometimes you need to put yourself first because you're more important.
it was very cold today, still is acually i just let the dog outside and nearly got frostbite on my toes. a man was supposed to come with his ladder and clean our windows, however he did not turn up so im very tired from waking up early especially for him. its quite rude for him to do so, i was having a very interesting dream as well.


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