November 06, 2010

8 months :)

me and my bubble have been together 8 months today, this makes me so happy, nearly as happy as he makes me.  me, him, his sister, brother and their other halfs went to the cinema to see 'due date' which is actually hirlarious, even though i came out of the cinema with very sticky feet which i did not enjoy.
today has been very busy, so im feeling really tired and in need of my bed. nadia's car fabio very kindly took us to eastbourne today to shop and catch up, it was a lovely day, trying on lots of clothes and falling in love with a very pretty dress. i had a yummy drink, caramel hot chocolate from starbucks, and we sat down to lunch where i promptly sneezed and spilt my very hot drink on my hand. its awfully hard to keep your hands level and stable when sneezing, im even going to go so far as to say impossible, or maybe that's just for me.
the journey there was nice, i was nadia's satnav and i did very well apart from taking her up a one way road where everyone was very mean and beeped at us, it upset fabio a lot, but we managed to calm him down. we listened to some cds i made which we sang along to very loudly so we got funny looks from the other road travellers.
we decided to go visit our old college after our eastbourne trip, to see friends that we've missed. there has been a lot of re-decorating in the refectory and i dont like it, it doesnt feel like my college anymore, at least i still have all the memories. although the amount of tables, chairs and sofas had been increased, so playing 'the floor is made of lava' would be easier, i didnt have time to see though.
two horrible things happened today that nearly ruined it, thankfully they haven't, the good parts more than made up for it. the first was a nasty puddle in the road making fabio swerve towards the bank, its very scary seeing something very solid coming towards you at some speed, especially as my legs were in the crumple zone. however nadia saved the day and straightened fabio up and stayed calm whilst me and my bubble were panicking and nearly wetting ourselves.
the second occurred at a zebra crossing i was trying to walk across. the car's had stopped on the other side of the road and i thought they had on the side nearest me as well. however it turned out i was wrong and a mean car hit me with his wing mirror on my hip, which is now very painful. people in charge of these machines should be more careful, admittedly the visibility was bad but they had their headlights on. if i hadn't of been in a hurry that car would've gone in the naughty corner.
after a lovely nap to get over the shock at home, me and yani went back to his where we ate pasta bake! YUMNESS. we then went to see a film which was lovely. his gorgeous doggy, boyce layed on my lap when we got back and fell asleep. i felt mean for getting up and leaving.
im very excited about tomorrow, its battle bonfire which is always lovely so i can take some nice pictures of the parade and suchlike. im also excited because lots of people that i miss greatly are going to be there, where they have escaped from uni for a couple of days. it'll be a very good day tomorrow im sure.


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