November 15, 2010

i NEED them

i have an obsession with the spring '10 sparrow print mary janes from miu miu. i want them so bad, however i do not have vast amounts of money so i think this dream will not come true. i will have to learn to live without them *sigh*
im learning to survive on very little sleep, due to the arrival of the kittens. its okay for them, they just drop and nap when they want, i have to get up and do things during the day. i will have to convince them (firmly) that i must not be disturbed at night when im asleep.
i've gotten into reading other blogs at the moment and i've been inspired (mainly about clothing) this just adds to the severity in which i need a job, 2nd hand clothing, discount designer, and vintage are not going to buy themselves. if i do start buying more clothes however, i will need to find somewhere to put them, as my double wardrobe and cupboard are quite full.
i got a lovely dress at the weekend for a friend's party this coming saturday. the theme is black and gold and i've kinda gone with it (ish) im debating at the moment whether to wear some gorgeous gold and black heels i own, this will make me taller than most people though so im not sure i will. it should be fun and i'll get to see people i miss. in the week i have to wait till then im not sure what im going to do. im definitely going to look for more jobs, this is a top priority, i think i shall also hassle people into keeping me company in town. im feeling kind of creative as well, so i think a photoshoot is due, the last time i took some good photos was at the bonfire night. which was very good, it was cold but the fireworks were amazing and i shared it with special people.
im going to need to find some models...
im very excited about next week as my daddy is going to meet me up in london for my birthday, he's taking me to all saints (my all time favourite store), lunch and then selfridges because i love it there. it'll be nice to spend time with him, although im not looking forward to the lonely journey up on the train. i'll take my camera so i can be all photographerish and take pictures of things from odd angles.

i think i may get extensions, i want my hair longer...


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