November 16, 2010

why do you keep coming back?...

ufffffff headacheee. major stress levels at the moment, at least i eat less when im stressed so something good may come out of this situation, i kinda doubt it though, i put up with it for months and not much good came out of that.
i need to make this blog look pretty, i just cannot be bothered to find images and edit them on cs5 on my laptop. i think i may do it a lazy way. i keep editing it anyway cos i get bored of how it looks.
little kitten bella has a cute habit of rubbing her face all over yours, purring and being happy. however, there is a downside to this extreme cutness...she dribbles.  by this i dont mean a small amount, i mean A LOT, its gross and its all over her face, so consiquently all over mine. it interrupts my sleep and wakes me up in a yucky way that i wouldnt miss if it stopped. i must teach her, somehow, to keep her mouth shut and her saliva controlled. im sure this is easier said than done.
so there are now 2 reasons why i dont sleep very well...stress and dribbly cats. im sure this list will grow longer, as much as i dont want it to.
i think im going to spend a day in second hand shops looking for books, i've read almost everything i have as well as my sister and daddy. i like old books as well so this will be a double bonus, its sounding like a good day from here. maybe i'll take my sister as she loves books too. im such a nerd.
this next few weeks should be pretty good by the looks of it, parties, my birthday, trip to london, seeing my bubble as much as i can, photoshoots. why cant life always be this productive, another reason to get a job.

im having mind blanks


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