November 21, 2010

nearly time...

friday was such a lovely day, elly turned up at my door so we could skip to the train station to go to hastings. i think its like a ritual in the fact that, whenever we go out, we have to try on loads of clothes that we...
1. would never wear
2. never buy because they are really expensive
3. think 'they're ugly and weird...but it may work'
4. because you love them
and go have lunch and drinks in costa. its a nice ritual however and i have no complaints about it what so ever. ms elly brought me my birthday present and paid for lunch which was lovely.
yesterday was the gorgeous tasha's party, i saw so many people that i've missed and it was a really awesome night. especially when i found a hammock outside, i think my garden needs one, they are far too much fun. my sister lu came over to visit her kittens and curl my hair before hand and did an amazing job as it looked beautiful, i never curl it so it felt weird, in a good way. i also got to see the glorious sight that is my bubble...dressed in glam rock gear...complete with white double platform boots. it was an interesting look to say the least, i think he could pull it off though, haha, not something i think he should wear everyday.
i had good times with my bubble today, got to open some birthday cards (even though my birthday is not till tomorrow, weird family tradition thing) and went back to the bubbles place where i was introduced to the amazingness that is tacos. they are so yummy! and messy which is good, i like messy food, its fun. got to watch a bit of how to train your dragon (or something like that) i really enjoyed it and may get it on dvd at some point.
im looking forward to tomorrow, daddy is home in the morning, i will see my bubble, and my mummy, nana and gramps, and lu will come over in the evening, it sounds busy so i dont think i will get much of a lie in tomorrow which is a tad pooey as im tired.
i really need to upload more photos to my flickr soon, and i've completely neglected my deviant profile, so i will have to rectify that situation as well. i should have a load more photos to upload after wednesday, so watch out.

they've got the message


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