November 23, 2010

im a kitten scratching post

so im officially now nineteen and i feel no different at all, i dont know why you always think you'll feel the difference when its your birthday because i never do. its a bit scary though, my last year as teenager, i dont know if im ready to turn twenty.
got to see my bubble yesterday and that was by far the best bit, he got me the most lovely present and gave me loads of cuddles and let me do what i want, which is always nice. haha. plus i had the most amazing cake ever, it was toffee, but to the extreme and so so so yummy i could've eaten it all by myself, but i had to share. i've got some more things to look forward to where my birthday ios concerned as well. i cant wait!
i have been turned into a kitten scratching post, no matter how much i try to persuade them to use their specially brought one, my legs are looking horrific. i guess its a good thing its winter and they're hidden trousers, tights, socks and leggings.
i got the new vogue yesterday as well and i've practically not put it down since, i love that magazine so much, lol. i want to buy almost everything in it, however i'd need so much money to do that. money i dont have unfortunately. i will have to make do with dreams for a while, as well as using the images as inspiration for outfits and phtotoshoots. i need to start looking through all my old ones for more ideas, i need to build my portfolio up more.


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