December 01, 2010

the sky is filled with faeries

so i am LOVING the snow, this is possibly one of my favourite things about winter and all i do is wait for it to happen. it makes everything look so beautiful and soft, all the hard edges are gone, which means an oppurtunity to take some images in a setting or a location that can be dramatically changed in a few days, i try to use these oppurtunities as often as i can when it snows, because they will never look the same again, each snowfall depicts them in a different way. i may go out for a photographic adventure tomorrow with the doggy, its fun to just walk in the snow, even if i dont find anything worth taking a picture of. snow just brings out the child in me.
lucy, lu and kitty came over on sunday which was really nice, i haven't seen them in a while.  they're so entertaining and funny so i didnt stop laughing practically the whole evening, i needed cheering up with this horrendous cold i have been cursed with. daddy cooked an amazing roast dinner that was really nommy, we haven't had one in a while so i savoured it.
yesterday my bubble came to see me in my bed of illness and spent nearly the whole time laughing at my voice, as my cold has made it go funny so i sound like golum,  not attractive. i did steal his long johns however and have decided that it is vital that i get some myself as they are maybe the best things ever made, SO WARM. he stole them back this morning though, i allowed it as it was cold outside and i love him.
this country literally falls apart everytime we have a few inches of snow, its a bit silly. so many countries can cope with feet more, we should steal some of their citizens for a bit so they can help us. although i guess if we dealt with it better schools would stay open and that would be no fun at all.


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