December 06, 2010

so its been a while

the snow has gone, im hugely upset by this, although im not stuck indoors anymore so that's good. its still freezing out though, i plan to venture out tomorrow so i will need multiple layers methinks, i need to go to the doctors and to hand out some CVs as i STILL dont have a job! its so annoying, i've been looking for ages, i guess its cos i've never had a job before, but give me a chance. lol.
my cold has nearly gone, yay! although i caught mine off of my bubble, his appears to just keep getting worse, he's so ill at the moment. i wanna cuddle him and make it better, unfortunately i dont know a cure for the common cold so i can only do the former. it was our 9 month yesterday, i feel like we've been together for more than that, i guess its a good sign. i love him with all my heart and our future together looks bright, which im hugely happy about, as is he.
i brought a few things on saturday, a nice necklace and some black jeans which i have been needing for MONTHS but never got round to buying, my old ones have kind of gone a reddy-brown colour, which is bummy. my daddy also brought me a lovely huge thick cardigan from topshop on friday as well as a really cute necklace of a bird (my belated birthday presents) which im so happy with, i love them. i've hardly taken the cardigan off its so comfy and warm. im also expecting a tee in the post soon so im super excited about that, i was sorely tempted by some high-waisted leather shorts but the tee won me over. im sure the shorts will come in due time, IF i get a job soon.
note: need the new vogue
one of the kittens needs a bath (i haven't told him yet, i have a feeling he'd disapprove) some oil got dropped on him yesterday so i gave him a quick wash down in the sink, however looking at him today i can see i did a bad rinsing job. therefore i plan to slip him in my bath tomorrow when he's not looking, he's going to be a very grumpy kitty after, but at least he wont be clumpy. not a good look.
all my friends are coming home for uni for christmas, i cannot wait to see them, i've missed them all so much, i see many days out happening in the near future. as well as lots of hugs and chats over drinks in costa. this should be a good christmas period, everyone's together.
i've been looking at some old photos recently and i really miss college.


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