December 11, 2010

so glad its a friday

so im not so great at blogging regularly, and im sorry for that, but my life is not very exciting at the moment so posts may be sparse until such a time as i have something to mention.
i had a pretty good day, i woke up extremely comfy next to my bubble, which was very welcome after a rubbish nights sleep. we then went with his mummy to tunbridge wells, she had some christmas shopping to do and we decided it would be nice to get out of the house. we also got starbucks caramel hot chocolates out of it, so not a bad deal if i do say so myself. it was fun being out and pointing out pretty things to my bubble and then watching him fall asleep with his head on my lap on the way home, so very very cute. i love him.
i brought some black jeans the other week and they are straight leg rather than my usual 'extra skinny' which i've been wearing for the past 5 years or so (im thinking this may not be good for my legs). i have to say, it feels weird and im not altogether sure i really like them so much. i wear them out excetera, but i prefer skinnier trousers, i guess i've gotten into a habit, and im sure these are the jeans to pull me out of it. i think.
whilst pulling an outfit together this morning in an extreme hurry i found an old pair of vintage earrings which i haven't worn in so long, for earrings they are very comfy and so pretty, i need to remember i have them so i can wear them more. as well as the old tin full of vintage beads which i have yet to wear cos i forget i own them.

straightened my hair today for a change, its getting long now, not long enough though.


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