December 16, 2010

clouds in my head

everyone is coming home for chritmas and i for one, am really happy about it. i miss people so much, it makes me long for the college days of just lazing around in the refectory. i guess i'll get used to it, i mean people aren't always going to be around for forever. i get to see nadia, sammi and elly tomorrow though, so this is a good start to the arrival of friends. there is also a free gig friday that a few of us are going to so we'll be able to share hugs and catch up. which im really looking forward to.
i gto to see my cousin and her fiance today which was really nice, they came over for dinner. although i think the evening was saved by dinnertime as my brother decided to put on family guy, i dont really find it that funny to be honest. i still need to go visit their flat as i haven't seen it yet! it sucks, i need to get organised and arrange a visit soon.
so as i may have mentioned before, im TOTALLY in to reading other people's blogs at the moment, some of my favourites are...
  • The Sartorialist
  • SEA of SHOES
  • altamira
  • JAK & JIL
  • style rookie
they are amazing, and so inspirational. they make me want to have the money to be able to buy all these gorgeous outfits and shoes, a more urgent reason to get a job! although there is one in a dress agency that sounds promising so i will be surrounded by beautiful designer clothes anyway.
im sure i'll have more things to blog about now people are home from university and its nearly christmas, my life up until now has been slightly boring, i need to do something with all my time, i sew sometimes but i have to do it all by hand so if i make something it takes a while. i will have to invest in a sewing machine before long. maybe santa will bring me one.


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