December 22, 2010

sleigh bells ring, are you listening

so im feeling very festive and excited at the moment, that may be due to the fact it is only a few days till christmas!. i love christmas, but the build up is such a huge part of it as well, im not sure which i love more, hahaha. we were a bit late in getting our tree this year so i haven't felt too excited up until we got one and decorated the house. we're not the kind of family that goes overboard on decorations, but i really like how the place looks, its all nice and cosy. i got to decorate myself this year as well, i took charge and didnt let my dad or brother get involed, haha, bit selfish of me, but every woman is born with the need and skills to decorate things, well i think so anyway, it was better having the man and boy out of the way.
my granparents are coming over on christmas eve and staying for a few days which will be so nice, i haven't seen them in a while, it'll be lovely to share christmas with them. i also get to spend boxing day with my bubble which im very happy about, it'll be our first christmas together, this is already making this christmas feel more special.
the snow the last few weeks has been amazing, i love snow so much, it brings out the child in me, although i seem to be one of very few who welcome its presence. im hoping this will mean a white christmas, which i dont think i've ever experienced before. although the snow at the moment is just wet, slippery, icy slush. not fun, i got the bus to my bubble's today and i got very wet feet whilst walking to his from the bus stop. i also nearly fell over a few times which was NOT GOOD, i did not want a cold, wet bum.
i better leave it here, i have 4 cats to feed (in seperate rooms! greedy buggers) and a roast at my nanna's tomorrow so i best get some sleep.


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