December 27, 2010

pine needles, wrapping paper and ribbon

cover my house, the kittens got very excited christmas morning (as did i) and played with everything, therefore spreading it around the house.
i got to spend the last 3 and a bit days with my grandparents who i haven't seen for a while, which was awesome. christmas this year was nice and relaxed, we didnt do too much, just sat around, enjoying eachother's company, and eating food of course. i think i must've gained 3 stone, the new year diet will commence shortly im sure.
i got to spend boxing day with my amazing bubble, hit the sales in the morning and bought an amazing pair of boots from topshop (high-heeled and hiking boot style, so gorgeous!) and some leather-esque shorts that i've since found out cannot be washed. im going to have to be careful with them, i should've read the label, however they are beautiful so i do not regret the money i spent on them, they fit so well and are really comfortable.
i've been a vegetarian for three years, not eating meat or fish or gelatin. what do i do boxing day evening? throw it all away and get tempted into eating a piece of gammon. its the only meat i can take at the moment though, not sure if i will be fully reverted as the thought of all other meat makes me feel highly naseous. i think this is a wait and see situation.
woke up next to my bubble this morning, which was the perfect end to the christmas weekend, we then sneaked a nap in later, which was awesome, its weird how tired i am all the time. i can have 2 naps in one day sometimes!). i got to see lotti as well which was so lovely as i've missed her so much. she's being all gay and going to 'uni' to get and 'education', hahaha. we caught up with everything and then did a spontaneous photoshoot with our new shoes and make-shift backdrops in my room and hallway, so much fun. im sure the pictures will be up shortly on my facebook. i may even get round to posting some on here.
mr and mrs moushka have moved back into our garden, i saw them tucking into a lovely seed breakfast this morning with ms thrush. they all looked a bit chilly, they need tiny socks and jumpers.


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