December 30, 2010

sleeping in shadows

some people are like a bad rash, they just wont go away no matter how many times you imply this is what they should do and even outright tell them, maybe i need to throw some E45 cream at them or something. it would be funny, but shh im being mean now.
i had an amazing day tuesday, the bubble's mummy, sister, himself and i went on a roadtrip to brighton in a squeaky car. we were only there for a few hours so it was all dark and misty when we arrived, it was lovely, i like mist it puts a different atmosphere on everything. everything glows as well, its so pretty. we did some shopping (i had no money so i helped the bubble) then sat down to an awesome jacket potatoe, i have a weakness for jacket potatoes, they are perfect winter food. then before going back to the car, my bubble bought me the cutest necklace, it has a little bulldog on it. we named him jonesy as we plan to own a bulldog together in the future and this is his decided name. im so pleased with it, i think its going to be an item i wear a lot. i was lazy and fell asleep on my bubble's lap for majority of the way home, i was uber tired (aren't i always?)  and i woke with a lovely seatbelt pluggy thing dent in my ribs. i also got an iphone, its his sisters old one and im giving her some money for it, but im hugely pleased (mild understatement, there may have been some form of happy dance involved). my ipod classic isnt doing so well since it got soaked in pineapple juice and the battery life is astonishly short, so getting an iphone has already made my life better (i can drown out my dad's music in the car hahaha). my bubble is going to put some more music and apps on it tomorrow so it will be even more awesome, lol.
speaking of tomorrow, its new year's eve, and for the first time in a while i have plans to do something. my bubble's friend is having a party and i know him so im invited, it should be fun. it has a roman/greek theme so i spent (/my mom spent) last night and today making me a toga out of a bed sheet, and i have to say it looks wicked. i need a belt for it but i can find one tomorrow, i have a large amount of material in my room. i stayed round my mummy's last night with yan which was lovely, my sister and her boyfriend came over as well, so we got down to business and played board games! so much fun! of course me and bubble won cos we're too good. a bit of a funny morning nearly ruined my day but i had lots of cuddles with my bubble and curled up next to him for a nap and woke feeling better. i've eaten more meat as well since boxing day, i dont think i can class myself as vegetarian anymore, just incredibly fussy. doesn't seem as cool but i'll live with it.
im off to town to see how much money i can get for my phone tomorrow then a quick dash around of bag packing and costume editing before i get the badger train to yanni's (the badger train is a secret, so you mustn't tell shhh)


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