January 13, 2011

okay so i suck..

i cannot believe i haven't blogged in so long, i fail epically, s0 much has happened as well and knowing my luck i wont be able to remember half of it. my new year's eve was great, last thursday i had a night on the town with some friends which was so much fun, i hadnt been out in a while so i let loose, haha, been seeing my bubble of course, my sister and my mum and that's all i can remember, lol. thought this would happen, oh well.
on a different note, i cannot put the latest vogue down, im in love with so many pieces in there and as usual im inspired by the photography, so im wanting to do a photoshoot. what im not loving is the spring/summer miu miu collection, their last year's  spring/summer was gorgeous and i wanted to own the whole lot, this one is distinctly more disappointing. (note: you need to check out the alexander mcqueen porcelain shoes, AMAZING)
i think my job status (being non exsistent) has hit the point where i need to be hugely annoying and bug people for jobs, all other plan have failed so far, although i have printer ink, a newly updated cv and lots of business envelopes so i will need to spend a day giving them in EVERYWHERE soon. i have awesome plans but will need money to achieve them, as is with everything.
we had someone come to view our house a few days ago, which was good, they liked it but thought the drive way was too small....you can fit 3 cars on there easy so i have no idea what they're driving. im dying to move house now, i want a new room, new surroundings, new photography locations to discover. i have discovered my dream room (you just need to add a large wardrobe) so i will be on the look out for houses that have rooms that look exactly like this

so so pretty, im in love with the huge windows and the panelling.
i have tropical juice that is making me happy, yummy.


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