January 25, 2011

everyone still remembers them

i love spending time with my bubble, he's my best friend as well as boyfriend and i wouldn't want it any other way. he's awesome cos he forgives me for my constant sleeping, he doesnt mind watching tv or something if i suddenly drop off next to him.
(even though he just told me he's excited for jersey shore...)
i found some images of the junya watannabe show in paris and i love the jumpers and blazers (i know they're for men, but they look so comfortable) the patterns on them are current but the style in which they're done make them different to the mass produced products with a similar design.

i may even fashion a moustache to wear with it, if i ever get one. the moustache adds to this blazer nicely.
i lost one of my favourite books not that long ago which i've since replaced, thankfully. its by seth grahame-smith, 'pride and prejudice and zombies', i've never read the original, although i love the film (with keira knightley).  i love his take on it, it brings the story alive and gives it that modern edge and its hugely addictive. its still full of jane austen's language which i believe gives it a uniqness that most of the other books, i.e 'dawn of the dreadfulls', 'sense and sensibilty and sea monsters', lack.
i've stolen the complete series of sex and the city off my sister for a while, i haven't watched them in nearly a year, which is terrible i know. i've been sitting in bed with my laptop watching them back to back, i love them so much! hahaha


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