January 21, 2011

today's lesson

irons are REALLY hot and hurt like fuck if you get them near your skin... no i did not iron my finger, no it doesnt hurt so much i cant use it and no its not blistering.

im so fed up of looking for jobs, as i have no experience i cant get a fucking thing. im irritated by this unless you hadn't guessed. i really need to start saving money up as i will need some in the near (ish) future, and before you say anything its not for things like clothes and suchlike. i need to learn to drive and may need to rent someplace, depending on my bubble.

im loving the new MAC range, im definitely going to invest in their red lipstick and maybe the eyeliner as well. great thing about these are that they are all larger than normal, as long as they dont cost a bomb im thinking it'll be worth buying them.


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