January 18, 2011


i have amazing friends who stand up for me, they never let me down and i need to thank all of them for this, especially lily and nadia. they always have my back no matter what, and dont mind voicing their opinion when they know someone is in the wrong and lying. you guys have been there for me through the whole of this and stood by me, not letting it get me down, even when it made me go downhill and fall very ill again. im here for you anytime you need me.
 i love you

yesterday my sister, lucy and kitty came over for dinner, i haven't seen them in so long so it was wicked to see them. they are so funny as well so i didnt stop laughing all evening. my bubble came over as well, just before dinner (which was uber yum) and after everyone had left and daddy and the boy were asleep we sat in bed chatting about random stuff for a few hours, i love moments like that.
not a lot has happened today, watched the film 'wolfman' which was quite good, i wasn't expecting much from the reviews i've heard of it, but i was pleasantly suprised. emily blunt was, of course, amazing in it as was anthony hopkins. i felt the werewolves weren't done very well though. all i've done since really is iron and nap. boring much.
i got all the photos out the other day as my mum wants some of them. i never realised we had so many, of course one of the boxes had to give up and die just as i was taking down from the wardrobe shelf, exploding photographs everywhere. thankgod they are in no particular order. me and my dady were looking at them last night, its nice to remenisce about when we were younger. i miss my hair from back then, it was so long and a gorgeous blonde. although when i was a baby i had far too much hair, it wasnt natural, haha.


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