February 01, 2011

feeling tired

im in a weird kind of mood today, i dont even know how to explain it really, its mulitple different things. its not a good weird though i can tell you that. i just feel like giving up. hopefully it'll pass soon, i hate it when i feel like this, it seems to be happening more regularly recently as well.
me and my bubble are going to see an old friend for his birthday this weekend which will be really nice (he gives awesome cuddles) and he's promised to feed us - i may have text him at one in the morning to ask...food is important haha. my bubble is worried someone will cause hassle and start something, to the point where he didnt want to go, and im not 100% sure he still is, i told him though, we've said we're going to stay out of each others lives and keep away from eachother. so there is no reason for said someone to talk to either of us, and we'll do the same. it'll be a good night and i know we'll regret it if we dont go, we haven't seen doug in so long. i'll stand by him no matter what he wants though, he's worth it :) (<- i said to myself i'd never do smiley faces in this blog or anything, i guess i made it this far *sigh*)
im in the mood for a late night bath, i never really have baths in the evening, its only in the mornings. however i seem to be having a change of heart, as im REALLY wanting one now, haha. it remains to be seen how bothered i can be however, i may just crawl into bed and read. speaking of reading i just finished a second book by seth grahame-smith, abraham lincoln - vampire hunter. i have to say he is becoming one of my favorite authors, this book was no let-down and i finished it in 3 days. i've heard both of his books that i've mentioned are also going to made into films which will be awesome. they're so good and will make great movies.
i finally got round to editing the images from mine and lotti's photoshoot. i was in a rush so i didnt do it very well but im moderately pleased with outcome, especially since i never normally edit images. all the one's on my flickr are as i took them, i love natural lighting.

im not going to put them on my flickr though, so if you want to see the rest you'll have to look on my facebook.
i think im getting addicted to spending my evenings on flickr, i spend all my time looking at other people's profiles for inspiration, there are SO many talented people out there, it makes me feel like a crayon drawing next to the mona lisa, haha. i guess i'll get better with time, and practice i suppose, i've done a few photoshoots recently and im aiming to do more, i need to get into the habit again.

i have a very cute kitten on my lap, her brother is laying on the floor getting a bath from my doggy. it doesnt look that nice but it must feel good to them i suppose.


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