February 17, 2011

light as a feather

i suck i know, its been an AGE since i last wrote. nothing that exciting has happened though, apart from seeing my bubble, having an awesome valentines day, STILL having no job and doing a photoshoot with elly, which got changed early on as the location was closed. who shuts a castle on a cliff?! jeez. we improvised though and you can see the results on my flickr. (the link is at the bottom of this page)
a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, hence why im feeling as light as a feather, an argument and fight have been resolved and i have one of my old friends back, which makes me happy.
my desk seems drastically smaller when there are four cats on it...i correct myself, three. lily has settled in the box of wires next to said desk.
i'll try and keep more up to date, though no promises as my life is not really worth documenting at the moment. i generally sleep.


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