March 17, 2011

old books and rose petals

this is going to weird and spotaneous, but you should have gotten used to that from me by now haha.

this summer im noticing a large increase in the amount of designs that have little or no back, this means my back needs to get in shape, after being hidden uder jumpers and furry coats since september. i think the model above has the back most of us aim to have. fortunately for her though (im gonna stereotype here) she most likely is small in the breast department, and how i envy her for this. im fairly well endowed so as to make wearing backless tops and dresses without a bra impossible, this irritates me hugely, as there is nothing i would like to do more. i guess i will either have to accept my fate or get a breast reduction...unless some amazing person designs a backless dress with good support for the well endowed woman, here's hoping.

as always i've found a large amount of absolutely gorgeous shoes i have fallen in love with, thankfully for you i have whittled them down to two pairs i MUST own at some point in my life.
i love the roughness of these and the detail, they are truely amazing. they are probably not everyone's cup of tea but something is drawing me to them, it could be the dark grey colour, the shoe boot shape of it or the amazing woven style detailing. they are a type and design of shoe that are rarely seen done so well, something truely unique. 

these shoes are so beautiful they dont even need an explanation. just love them like you know you want to.
(also check out the linked blog, its amazing and a favourite of mine)

pray for japan


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