March 15, 2011

blah blah blah i suppose

i have worked out a life plan for the time being and in doing so its kinda made things easier, in a sense im not so stressed or worried because i have goals to achieve. i know where im going, im not denying i may deviate from the plan but i have some guidlines to go by:
numero uno - get a job - sounds easy enough, but i've been looking and applying for jobs for nearly a year now and still nothing. not only is this a mighty blow for the self esteem its also HUGELY irritating, there are things i want t o get on with but cant goddammit!
2 - open a savings account - this list has to go in order as you can tell, it would be pointless to open a savings account if i do not have money to put in it. because im awesome and still living with my dad and brother (hi-five!) im hoping to put at least half my wages into a savings account each month, i have no other real use for apart from rent to my dad and...
3 - learning to drive - this is what i plan to focus on after i have gotten my job as im SO fed up of taking trains and buses. it will make lots of things immensly simpler (not a word i know, shhh) for getting to work, getting around, visiting people and being able to be spontaneous.
4 - renting a flat - this is where my savings account will come into its own, im not sure how long a period there will be between numeroes 4 and 5, but i will need enough money set aside to pay deposit, furnish, etc. i'll also know i'd have something to fall back on if anything went wrong, so i will continue to save whenever i can. (i wil hopefully be sharing)
5  - get one of these....

yes this is a teacup pomeranian and i've decided i need one in my life, although this is step 5 in my plan, i will get him/her the earliest i can (im thinking my dad would not appreciate ANOTHER pet in the house though)

i have also decided my future flat should preferably come with one of these...

because every home needs a giant clock window... i know this will be incredibly difficult to find however.


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