April 23, 2011

things are sinking in

good and bad.
its less than a week till the move now, the stress in the house at the moment is at its peak i think, i dont see how anyone can get more stressed and not explode. this easter weekend is going to be so hetic, tomorrow we are putting stuff in storage and the rest of the weekend will be spent manically packing (with breaks for chocolate eggs of course). at least i'll have some help, haha.
me and my dad have decided a trip to ikea is definitely necessary, i want to try and pick up a nice lamp, throw and some cushions. i'd LOVE to have this in my room (image) but i have a feeling ikea wouldnt sell them. shame.

possibly the greatest chair i've seen, although there wouldnt be nearly enough room for the amount of books i own, plus i have a habit of spilling drinks.

i really miss having a doggy, sam was such a huge part of my life and its hard not having him here anymore, i dont want to replace him, but i feel ready for a new family member in the doggy area. my brother is intent on a large dog and im happy with that, i'd love a little guy to have of my own though, i may steal this one...

i've never been a fan of chihuahuas (i dont even know if i've spelt it correctly, haha), but this little lady is swaying me. my heart is still with my little furry pom friends though.

i decided as we were moving house i needed something to mark this wardrobe-wise, awesomely my dad suprised me with a pair of shoes which are gorgeous and have fullfilled the job nicely, hahaha. nice and cheap as well (which dad loved im sure)

new look

its my sister's birthday tomorrow and we're all meeting up in a really nice pu in beckley, it should be fun, i haven't hung out with her in a while so im looking forward to it.


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