June 09, 2011

feeling trapped

i feel pretty trapped in the house at the moment, i need to get out more...or get a 3d wall sticker...
random i know but i was looking at the ones by martin margiela and they are stunning, i decided to see what other designs were out there, turns out there's a fair amount. i think its such a good idea, it brings space into smaller areas and a feeling of being able to escape.

 these are the stunning examples by martin margiela, they're so realistic and the detail is amazing. either putting them on top of an exsisting door, or on a wall would look beautiful.

these are more imaginative yet equally eye catching examples of door stickers from http://www.couturedeco.com/, i have a feeling there are going to be many of these in my future home. a great idea to put in the back of cupboards or wardrobes as well to make a feature.


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