June 05, 2011

ripping through magazines

bonjour, i have returned. i can hear the cries of joy from here, haha.
the last few weeks have been tedious to say the least, the lack of money, internet and tv slowly turned me insane, as did the social deprevation. i've been recovering and soaking in microwaves/radio waves etc from the laptop and tv. my dad has always said he'd never get sky as its a 'con' (we haven't worked this one out yet) but he has seen the parcial light and upgraded to free sat so there's more to watch.
we've been living in the new place for a while now and we STILL dont have sofas in the sitting room, admittedly a building site-sized fork lift jcb has to be used to get them there, but the numb bum is getting too much.
 have pages and pages of blog ideas and inspiration for both fashion and my photography so im feeling hugely creative at the moment, i just cant get anywhere to organise photoshoots, mildly irritating. i've also brought so many magazines, where i was bored so im ripping inspiration out of them at the moment to put in my folder, yeh i have a folder, im so cool. (i dont rip things out of vogue though, ahh blasphemy!)

one person im loving at the moment is phoebe english, the collection below is amazing, its such a contrast of different materials. the way she uses hair in her designs makes them very unique. i will hopefully own this whole collection at some point in the future.



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