July 14, 2011

creative mode: plushies

for a while now (due to NEVER having money) i've made gifts for people whenever it is their birthday, i like to give something personal that will mean more to them than a new necklace or a pair of earrings. they are always hand made and come from the depths of my imagination (a scary place to be sure haha), due to the amount of gifts i have made my sewing skills have slowly gotten better over the years and my designs more elaborate. recently while on a trip to the supermarket i noticed a sewing machine...for £30!! i got my dad to snap it up quickly and im SO excited to use it, although atm i cant as we do not have any form of table. this means i will be able to produce them far quicker than i normally would as i no longer have to do the stitching all by hand, smiles all round. a few people have told me i should start selling them, but i never thought it a good idea as they take a while to make, up until now that is. so im going to put the idea out there, what do you think? shall i produce more and sell on a etsy store or not?

here is my latest creation....JAK


packaged up and ready to go
 would love some feedback guys


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