January 16, 2013


 Raf Simmons has revealed his first Pre-Fall collection for Christian Dior, solidifying his move there. The designs are classic yet modern, fitting in well with the dior aesthetic of timeless designs. 'New Classics' is the term the Raf has applied to this collection, and it is certainly fitting. The classic tux and evening dress, taken in a new direction, feminine flair abundant in the cinched waists, but masculinity is also there in the wide leg trousers which are amazing. I love the detailing of the scarf-like feature wrapped around the model's waist, to then be left to drape down the leg to the floor, bringing shape to the classic design of the garment.

For a fall collection, there are a limited number of jackets and coats present, as well as a lack of fur, something that is rife at this time of year. A basic colour palet is present with some pops and splashes of brightness brought it, many of the garments are in black, white or grey with the odd shade of dark green. As we can see above in the stunning white coat, the pops of colour are present in the clutch and shoes.

The colour pops, peeping at waists from beneath waistcoats and jackets are a work of art, pulling you in and drawing your eye. Cropping of course being all over the catwalks last year and seemingly this year as well. The houndstooth print makes appearances also, as well as Herringbone, floral and Prince of Wales checks, a number of diverse fabrics reflect the patterning and diversity of the clothes, bringing texture and depth.

The dresses in the collection skim past the hips, whilst still drawing in the waist, making them very wearable for a number of different body shapes, bringing this collection more to the people and making it accesible.

I love the shape and peachy colour of this dress, so beautiful.


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