September 30, 2010

i've decided...

the film aliens is up there in my favourite films of all time. its so amazing, i love it. watching the film series with my boyfriend is nice too as we both nerd over it, plus sigourney weaver is a brilliant actress.
i've given it an awful lot of thought and worry but i've decided that i definitely need this one person completely out of my life. the stress and anxiety i get from them is making me ill and i dont want to do that to myself anymore, they've not been a very good friend recently anyway, its just taken me a while to see it. loads of people have been hugely supportive and i cant put into words how much i appreciate it, its made me realise what amazing friends i have and im lucky to have them. one small problem with this though, is that this person in particular is also friends with someone very special to me. its gonna be tough to deal with as i dont really trust the person im giving up, i kinda wish they'd leave us both alone. i guess i should know better though.
i love my cat lily, i dont want to anger my other 5 animals i share this house with, but she may be my favourite. she's just too darn cute and weird. she's wicked.

i've decided i need a double bed


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